New artist represented 2014-2015 by COLOMBIArtística in Europe & GalerieLaSpirale.be

Lorena Fernández es pintora sin tema,o con múltiples temas. En realidad, lo quea ella le importa es la técnica, es la expresiónvde sentimientos, es el crear ambientes.Huye de lo fácil y se sumerge en sueños que se van sucediendo en su motivación,siendo simple soporte de su exhibición técnica, consiguiendo unos registros delicados, plenos de sensibilidad, edificando un mundo propio. Investiga seriamente, construyendo una obra firme, serena. Sobre su realidad construye la belleza, a veces de manera minuciosa, otras dejando espacio a lo atmosférico, para que la técnica se imponga a lo emocional.

Mario Nicolás / Curador


Born in Barranquilla Colombia, on March 19, 1964.
Advertising Designer, with a career in Fine Arts, has received recognitions in single and group exhibitions and auctions. The most demanding of critics have found in the work of Lorena Fernández Abuchaibe a very firm stroke of the brush that defines shape and color. Lorena has been included in the Ibero-American Encyclopedia Plastics artists contemporary QCC Art Gallery (The City University of New York) 2012, and exhibited in some of the most important and prestigious art galleries, museums of the world.

Colombian Post :


One day, upon looking at an ancient vase created by a craftsman of some lone lost tribe, it was revealed to Lorena Fernández that her native country not only had some of the world´s best artisans, but also very complex civilization wich could have easily rivaled those of the Egyptians and Celts.
So how cold the work of these masters, inventors of an intricate process employed in molding esquisitely detailed gold and tumbago (a copper-gold alloy) figures, be forgotten? What followed then was a search for ideal contrast, a justification of the simmetry and abstraction in pre-colombian desing and the incorporation of new elements which wolud alternate with other expressions of the nation´s beauty.
Grenadines, mangoes, squash, plantains, and other domestic fruits added not only the necessary colors and shapes, but also provided a link between historic and modern-day Colombia, and conveyed a tropical exhuberance.
Abstraction, cubism, and other artistic expressions were emplyed by Lorena Fernández.

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